Pet Behavioral Issues

Pet lovers are familiar with common pet behavioral issues, but some may wonder why dogs exhibit these behaviors or how to control them.

Barking, biting, chewing, anxiety and many other common dog behaviors are often misunderstood and mishandled by dog owners. Understanding the most common dog behavioural issues is the first step to solving and preventing them in both dogs and cats.

  • Barking digging, chewing and destruction
  • Separation anxiety: whinining/barking or meowing
  • Fear of thunderstorms/fireworks
  • Biting and Aggression
  • Inappropriate Urination and Elimination

Step 1: Proper nutrition and supplementation using natural ingredients

Step 2: Combine supplementation with the use of quality pet behavioral toys for ideal therapy – a term we describe as Toyrapeutics™

Step 3: Use the services of a qualified pet trainer and behavioral expert 

It is important to be consistent, patient and positive with your Behavioral Action Plan. 

Note: VitaRapid Calming Formula Daily Soft Chews for Dogs and VitaRapid Calming Formula Daily Soft Chews for Cats do not prevent, treat, alleviate or cure any of the above behavioral issues. Consult your veterinarian regularly for further information and advice.

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